2018 Russian FIFA world cup stadiums

2018 Russian FIFA world cup stadiumsOn June 14 2018, Russia will host the Fifa World Cup . It's the most important football event and the cup happens every 4 years. To host the world cup, Russia invested Billions of dollars to have the best stadiums. All these stadiums are completed and ready to host matches. All these stadiums are futuristic and amazing. Some of them have a pure star trek architecture . The best footballers in the world like Neymar, Lionel Messi or Crsitiano Ronaldo will defend their country.

Here is the list of stadiums what will be hosting the FIFA World Cup 2018 .

1. St Petersburg stadium
2. Volgograd stadium
3. spartak stadium
4. Rostov arena
5. Otkrytie stadium
6. Mordovia stadium
7. Luzhniki stadium
8. Kaliningrad stadium
9. Fisht stadium (the most amazing of all stadiums)
10. Ekaterinburg Arena
11. Kazan stadium
12. Samara stadium

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