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Euro 2020, upcoming semi-finals

Date added: July 5, 2021

Euro 2020, upcoming semi-finals

Italy vs Spain and England vs Denmark are the pairs of the semi-final phase of the European Championship. The 2 big matches will be held at Wembley.

Tomorrow, at 5.00 am (Eastern Australia Time), Italy and Spain will face each other in an ambiguous derby. Italy only has victories on the way to the semifinals. One of its games, the one with Austria in the '16' phase, was determined in overtime.

Spain, after 2 draws and one victory in the group, eliminated Croatia in the knockout games in overtime and Switzerland on penalties.

The second semifinal will be held on Wednesday at 5:00 am (Eastern Australia Time). The favorite is England, which counts 4 wins and one draw without conceding a goal.

Denmark started the tournament with 2 defeats and then scored 3 consecutive victories, in which they scored 10 goals.

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