3 Easy Skills for Beginners

Date added: 2022-08-26

3 Easy Skills for Beginners

These are 3 basic skills / moves for Beginners to learn to add to their play on the football field.

The first move is one that Messi uses quite a lot and it was first created by Stanley Matthew: the Matthews Turn. It is an easy but effective move. First you use the inside of your strong foot and you hop and jump to the other side to your non-strong foot, in order to take the defender the wrong way. Then you push away with your non-kicking foot and use the outside of your non-strong foot.

The second move is the basic but essential Stop Turn. Sometimes you are running with a player and you need to stop the ball quickly. All you do is you put your foot on the ball and with your momentum you step over the ball. Then you move the other foot and push of that and go the other way.

The third move is the Giggs Panna created by Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs. It is a good move to get the ball through someone's lets. First you roll the ball accross your body. The you kick / poke ball with trailing foot through the opponent's legs.

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